Web Development

Futurex Studio has strong power to convert a normal visitor into a potential visitor by developing a web page with cost-effective solutions Futurex Studio is very confident when it comes about performance and quality. Any Professional, outstanding and quality website design requires text, graphics and animation in the exact amount. We give more than what you require, without sacrificing the quality. Our expertise team uses modern techniques which thereby help clients to expand their business operation rapidly.

In today’s competitive world, Futurex Studio comes out with many solutions under one roof. Online rate of proportion is increasing rapidly, people want to do electronic transactions and want to enjoy the needs as per they want. Futurex Studio specializes in developing a web page with 100% satisfaction and handle website functionality and compatibility with full care.

Exhibition and Events

We provide websites and online marketing, for the event, exhibition and conference market.

We understand that an event website needs to bring the event brand alive, encourage dialogue and interactivity between the exhibitors, sponsors, press and prospective visitors, really showing the value of taking part and attending before the doors open.

Entertainment and Media

We develop software’s in the entertaining field like games which reaches out to the seeking clients who are interested in playing online games. We help many clients in promoting their brand and establishing online services.

Education and Training

We develop software’s for many online education and training institutes who conduct online sessions to provide knowledge and evaluating performance. Online services like students participating in the online test, enrolling for courses, doing online chat serves as a medium to interact with each other.

Real Estate

We develop software’s for clients in real estate with full awareness and knowledge about the market. Our software enables real estate agents to maintain a database for appropriate properties. Property seekers can browse through real estate market and also book the property online.